Sunday, August 26, 2012

In Contract in Bed-Stuy: 153 Hancock Street

The last house we covered was a real listing that sold for a great price because you couldn't find it on your Streeteasy or your New York Times.  It's a pattern we've seen play out over and over.  Today, however, we have a great house in Bed-Stuy full of original details that you can find on Streeteasy for $999K, but it wasn't a real listing for most of its lifespan on their site.  153 Hancock Street is an amazing 2-Family home near the Nostrand A train on one of Bed-Stuy's most lovable blocks.  

The house has been well-maintained by a garden-friendly owner with a serious green thumb, and it only needs a few finishing touches to complete a gorgeous restoration.  Its high ceilings and plethora of original details like pocket doors, parquet floors, wood banisters, wainscoting, etc. are on par with this house - but at a much more attractive pricepoint, with its stoop intact, and a layout that's better suited to homeowners than investors.  153 Hancock Street was on Platinum Member radar long before it went up on Streeteasy, and Platinum Members had it in contract shortly after it first appeared on Streeteasy.  We kindly asked Streeteasy to take the listing down, or at least change the status to "in contract" so as not to waste everyone's time.  But it wasn't until 4 days ago that they finally obliged.  They'd told us they'd looked into it, but you know they couldn't've done that thorough of a due diligence if they let an "elevator" slide as one of the supposed amenities of the building:

We also visited Streeteasy's office last week, practically begging them to let us bring our Platinum Member listings to their platform, but it was nothing doing.  Oh well, seems like we gotta keep navigating Brooklyn's wild west the old-fashioned way.

Even without Streeteasy on board, we're actively working to find a suitable platform to house the listings everyone wants in one place, hoping to roll out Gold Member status in the coming months.  (fingers crossed)

Pro's:  original details galore, great block, great price, great yard, only needs a few finishing touches

Con's:  gone already, dead-end listing that we tried to warn Streeteasy about right off the bat, interior pics for Platinum Members only

Ideally:  if all you've got is Streeteasy on your side, you may be tardy to the party, or not even hear about the party at all


  1. Do you mind elaborating on what "Platinum Member" really means? We are in the market but it is extremely frustrating to read posts here that essentially say "Sorry, this is already gone, and Platinum Members [whatever that means?!] have already scooped up anything possibly affordable from here to eternity." You say that Streeteasy and the NYT arent the places to look, so WHERE IS?

    1. someone,

      What's "extremely frustrating" is that the agents and brokers being paid tens of thousands of dollars (or more) to sell these properties don't always list or market them well, and still haven't figured out one place to house all the listings (like every other city in the country has managed to). Feel free to contact us for more details on Platinum Membership.