Saturday, March 31, 2012

More in Contract in South Slope: 383 16th Street

You won't find it on StreetEasy, but 383 16th Street came & went in 6 weeks. This nifty little 2-Family in South Slope joins the likes of 144 16th Street (barely out for 2 months), 488 16th Street (closed for $980K last month), and 262 11th Street (sold 3 months ago for $1.075M) as value plays that didn't last long on the outer rim of one of the hottest markets in Brooklyn. And to think, these guys were lamenting Park Slope prices at "Pre-Lehman" proportions in Summer 2010, PRIOR to this latest outburst in Fall 2011 that continues today. Even when StreetEasy fails, Platinum Members had 383 16th Street on their radar from day 1 - no need for the Five-Man Search.

The location is super prime, even as South Slope goes. This little corridor right by the park, the F/G train station, and the best darn mini pies you ever had is so clutch. The listing for the house shows off a live-able, dated interior with some colorful touches that aren't hard to modify if they're not your style:

Really a spitting image of many of the 2-Family's over here.

We're not gonna Brownstoner 'em & beat on their taste. This place is ready to go on a lot of levels, and that's why it up & went so fast. Time is of the essence when something this good comes along.

Pro's: location, price point, viable interior

Con's: gone already, interior isn't everyone's taste, probably has other upgrades pending that are more than just cosmetic

Ideally: the next-best ones over here available at the moment are "meh", there's more value in another little nearby value corridor - in our opinion