Friday, August 10, 2012

Windsor Terrace Open House: 482 7th Avenue

If you were too chicken to buy the immaculate 27 7th Avenue in its pricelessly-prime location (which fell from $1.995M in Spring of 2011 only to close a few months ago for $1.565M), then you can hop on the 67 bus, whiz by all of Park Slope, all the way down to 482 7th Avenue for an open house this Saturday and Sunday.  Nevermind that their "Streetview" link on their website will show you this address in midtown Manhattan, this 3-Family in Windsor Terrace between Prospect Avenue and Windsor Place makes a great alternative to chasing shells that sell for more than this just a few blocks north.  Don't be scared that it's not a Corcoran listing.  We're sure a neighboring Corcoran broker would be happy to hold your hand as your buyer's broker and tell you why she simply loves this neighb'.

If the listing broker spent half as much time on the grainy exterior and backyard pics as she spent on the highly detailed rendering of the garden on the floorplan, you might get a better sense of what you're getting into at this house beforehand:

You can't blame them for featuring that lovable backyard and deck, but could we get a peak inside this million dollar property?  Luckily, as we so often see, the rental listing tail often wags the sales listing dog, and the person inking a $25,000 contract sometimes gets more & better pictures of the interior than the person inking a $1,395,000 contract.  Ahhh, just another day in Brooklyn!

We can already hear 'em screamin', "But 1612 10th Avenue is so much nicer and so much cheaper!"  Yes, grasshopper, but it's also long gone.

Pro's:  striking distance of Park Slope proper for Unicorn-type prices?, multiple open houses this weekend, backyard and deck, 3-Family with finished basement and "2BR" rentals

Con's:  commercial on the block with the bus riding by and the bedrooms in the front, no shiny Cocoran pics to legitimize this for the Joe Public's

Ideally:  when you see vinyl-siding in Gowanus and Greenwood poking past $1.2M, run (don't walk) to anything brick or brownstone in the Slope or Terrace for under $1.5M

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  1. Hello Jonathonne,

    Click link:

    New photos up, those photos were of the rentals units previous to listing the property for sale. I am working on the mapping glitch.

    Best Regards,

    Shantal Cooper