Friday, May 24, 2013

Can't Sleep on Lefferts Anymore: 201 Ocean Avenue

Right across the street from Prospect Park you can cop a limestone that's dripping with details for barely over a million.  201 Ocean Avenue is in a great row of like-minded homes here in Lefferts Garden.  Friends of the blog were in this bad-boy long before the pictures were up, and from what we saw, these pictures don't even do the house justice...

The plasterwork here is from another planet!  Wish we had the close-up shots to prove it.  The asking price of $1.3M might sound high to the newbies, but have you been paying attention to what else is going on over here?  This lasted longer on the market than it ever would have because the interior wasn't on blast yet and this neighb' was ahead of the curve as recently as a few months ago.  And now properties don't even last long enough to make it to the market anymore over here.  Don't worry, we'll show ya the next one once it's all locked up...

Pro's:  curb appeal, stunning details inside, across the street from the park

Con's:  gone already, not Park Slope (but then, what is?), work to be done

Ideally:  when all it takes is 2 sentences and 2 interior pics to make this move, you know the market's hot

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