Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Closings of Note: Value West of Nostrand?

It took a while for the magic of 660 St. Marks Avenue to finally unlock, but Platinum Members swooped in at just the right time and took down the next-best look under a millie' in Crown Heights.  Can't sleep on Nostrand anymore.  Maybe you missed moves off Nostrand like 1329 Pacific Street, 1379 Pacific Street, 894 Sterling Place153 Hancock Street, or 160 Hancock Street - but Platinum Members didn't.  This beauty closed yesterday for $970K.

256 Adelphi Street in Fort Greene is a pre-Civil War piece that looked like a steal even above asking price to buyers from Park Slope.  They listed for $1.75M, raised it to $1.8M, and buyers said, "Make that $1.93M."  What a beauty inside!

278 Dean Street will mess with your comps if you don't factor in it's an apartment building that's bound to have some rent regulation in the mix.  An 8,000 sqft expired listing that couldn't fetch $1.4M in the height of the crash back in 2008-2009, some pros took it down for $1.2M.

Even an SRO on that block these days like 268 Dean Street closed for "a little under $1.1M" a few weeks ago.

Don't be scared of the Lefferts Garden meets East Flatbush border.  It's filled with value.  A big ol' 2-Family house with stained-glass windows, a huge backyard and a driveway at 92 Linden Boulevard closes for $900K.

All on a 40' x 160' lot??  Hello!

It wasn't long ago that 976 Bergen Street in Crown Heights had a gnarly frame front.  Then a renovation came that cleaned up nice, but many told us was too cheap.  Even a few months ago it was worth $1.125M with a Corcoran listing - even at 17' wide.  This closed back in March.

Many deals west of Nostrand from a few months ago like 106 Hancock Street are starting to look like steals.  With a list price of $1.1M, it closed for $1M - and to think that was one of the deals Brownstoner was "flipping out" about back in August in Bed-Stuy.  This closed back in February.

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