Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Closings of Note: Brooklyn Heights Buyers Going H.A.M.

What would a week in Brooklyn real estate be without a Cobble Hill townhouse going for over $1,000/sqft?  Stunning for sure, but brace yourself for 173 Warren Street becoming the norm, not the outlier.  Listing for $3.5M and fetching $3.85M last month from buyers just across Atlantic Avenue.

And yet another $3.5M listing in Cobble Hill sells to buyers from Brooklyn Heights!  289 Clinton Street went for $3.25M last month.  Gotta love what a few quick iPhone pics can do in this market!

Don't look now, but another buyer from Brooklyn Heights gets another $3M+ townhouse in Cobble Hill!  464 Henry Street fetches its $3.75M last month, after barely a month on the market.  And you're still wondering why the "emerging" neighborhoods in Brooklyn are going up too?  If Brooklyn Heights millionaires can walk south of Atlantic Avenue for a house, then certainly you can go east of Classon.  Or east of Nostrand.  Or east of Utica!

Even ol' 120 Carroll Street on the less desirable end of Carroll Gardens finally got its asking price in this market, closing for $2.375M after flailing back in 2011.

Even if you're not ready to hear $1.5M+ is the going rate for 4 nicely renovated stories in Bed-Stuy these days, you'll be hard pressed to show us a better house in town for this price.  235 Jefferson Avenue listed for $1.499M and fetches just over $1.6M last month.  A stunning block and house for less than half the price per square foot of the next tier of brownstone Brooklyn neighbs?  Yes, please!

But Bed-Stuy value doesn't stop at Nostrand.  Platinum Members make another great townhouse pick-up at condos prices.  607 Hancock Street closes for $799K at the end of June.

Even a Bed-Stuy townhouse chopped into 6 units, headed to foreclosure auction at 437 Hancock goes for $830K last month.  On Platinum Member radar, someone intercepted the deal and got the seller paid.

While two neighboring sellers list on the open market with big brokers for over $1M, get offers higher than even they expected, and then balk on cash buyers multiple times... a 3-Family on the same block at 109 Halsey Street goes for $775K off-market.  And they say there's no Moneyball in Brooklyn!  Have fun chasing this listing on the flip.

Over in "Windsor Terrace", 408 19th Street lists for $1.1M and fetches $995K at the end of June.

384 10th Street in south Slope lists for $1.729K and easily gets above asking price.  Closes for $1.8M last month.  That's quite a price for 3 stories of barely-marketed house.

Meanwhile, back in Windsor Terrace, around the corner from Prospect Park, 3 stories can fetch $1.7M too.  501 16th Street lists for $1.675M and gets just over asking price, closing last month.

Heck, even in East Williamsburg you can list 3 stories for under $1.7M and fetch $1.75M, as 47 Orient Avenue did, closing last month to buyers from Astor Place in Manhattan, y'all!

Even established owners in brownstone Brooklyn are heading to Bushwick to pick up deals when they're priced out of their favorite neighbs.  47 Weirfield Street, in all its vinyl-siding glory, goes for $550K last month.

And still so many more to cover tomorrow...

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