Sunday, August 4, 2013

Platinum Member Pick-Ups: 212 16th Street

This week, Platinum Members are making moves again, closing on properties in two of the most coveted areas in Brooklyn.  And both of them Corcoran listings no less!  Now everyone from novices to even Corcoran brokers themselves will tell you, "You don't buy from Corcoran, you sell with Corcoran."  And that's certainly a conventional wisdom to take into account.  But Corcoran's a huge portion of the openly-listed, well-marketed, and actively-serviced real estate listings in the Brooklyn marketplace.  To write them off completely would be foolish.  Not every good deal has to be low on the radar.  Some great deals have sold with Corcoran too, and Platinum Members have pulled off a few from Fort Greene to Boerum Hill, Prospect Heights to Crown Heights.

212 16th Street is a neat little turnkey 2-Family that's got value written all over it in this market.  When you wanna be in the Slope, albeit south, and not in the ~$3M range, it's nice to see what goes for half that price.

For less than a 2BR condo in Manhattan, throw in "an inviting south facing 50-foot garden complemented by lush Birch, Pine and fruit bearing Fig trees" & we're sold...

Nice to see that a house can still be purchased in a coveted neighborhood around $1.5M without requiring an all-cash purchase or 50% down to do it.

Pro's:  quintessential south Slope 2-Family, do-able deal for many buyers in this market, studio apartment rental income, nice yard

Con's: won't wow you with original detail, off the beaten path by some accounts, expressway's around the corner (but so is the train!)

Ideally:  another nice compromise on price, condition, size, and location as this market goes

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  1. Nice house and nice price! Seems like there has been some activity in this area of the slope at around this price point. I love the low-key vibe south of 9th!