Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dinky Listing, Nice House: 77 4th Place

Located at the southern tip of Carroll Gardens, on a pretty block, comes a lovely 3-family for $1.5M, 77 4th Place. Located just off of Court Street, right around the corner from the lovable Italian eats & ambiance at Frankies 457, and a short couple of blocks over to the F train at Carroll Street. All this charm makes it easy to look past the listing, which looks like a camera phone picture and a text message in short-hand. We almost can't believe there's not an "OMG" of "LOL" in the listing.

It's never a good sign when we can find a higher resolution, more appetizing, more informative picture of your $1.5M listing on Google Maps Street view than your listing itself.

But such is life in Brooklyn real estate. Sounds like rentals might only be 1BR's, but even those command great rents in this area, as the listing says the 3rd floor is gettin $1,800. The text also taps out some hints at renovations on some units, which would be plus. We would love to see more pictures, a lay-out, hear more about the rents, see the yard... but this definitely is worth a closer look from what we can tell.

Pro's: curb appeal, neighborhood, transportation, rents, perhaps even the house itself

Con's: none from what we can tell, maybe only the price

Ideally: Look at what else has closed in the area. This could be a lot of house for the money. Especially if there's some price flexibility, there's a chance this is the best way to dedicate that kind of money within 20 blocks of here.

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  1. Despite it's dinky listing, this property sold on 08/13/2010 for $1,050,000. Somebody got a great deal!