Saturday, August 6, 2011

On the Edge: 584 Washington Avenue

On the very edge of Clinton Hill, right at Atlantic Avenue, comes the "2 Family Used As A 3 Family" 584 Washington Avenue. Ordinarily a nice brownstone in Clinton Hill with these kinds of original details, this close to the Clinton-Washington stop on the C train, and this close to this ever-coming up stretch of Fulton Avenue would easily fetch this $1.3M asking price. Even with the listing's claim that the "Lower Duplex Needs Reno & Restoration", other 2-Family's in good shape have closed this summer in the $1.4-$1.5M range such as 121 Vanderbilt and 116 Vanderbilt. 584 Washington, however, is SO close to such a busy intersection on Atlantic, with the storage place across the street & everything, it's just not what people who want a residential-feeling brownstone usually have in mind. The listing obviously chose to take their exterior picture of the attached side of the building:

Some nice interiors might sway you though:

Even a few doors in from Atlantic, we'd say it goes in a flash. Is it worth the compromise?

Pro's: curb appeal, original details, otherwise a nice location, decent price, a hefty 3,780 sqft

Con's: being right on such a busy intersection loses the neighborhood feel

Ideally: see how extensive of a renovation it needs. If the location isn't a deal-breaker, this could be a nice house at a nice price.

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