Thursday, August 25, 2011

Open House This Sunday: 552 Clinton Street

After a shell sold in this area for $300K above asking price, we had to ask ourselves if anything semi-affordable would ever show up again. We covered the cheapest price per squarefoot place in the whole neighborhood and we're surprised it still hasn't sold. Now we take a 2nd look at 552 Clinton Street.

The listing originally came out at $1.295M back on 3/31/11 and we covered it in May after the quick price drop. The price drop certainly made things more attractive and we figured it would've sold by now. $547/sqft ain't bad as a condo alternative for a solid brick house in a good neighborhood. The open house this Sunday, August 28th from 12:30pm to 2:00pm certainly makes showing simple.

Pro's: curb appeal, pricepoint, open house, paved backyard space, livable interior that you can upgrade as you go

Con's: proximity to the BQE, needs updating, is there a catch we're not catching?

Ideally: why hasn't someone snatched this up yet?

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