Monday, August 1, 2011

Open House Today: 419 Sterling Place

This place won't last long. 419 Sterling Place is a nice, turnkey 2-Family on a great block in Prospect Heights for $1.349M. With an open house today from 5:30pm-7:30pm, run, don't walk to get a peak if you've been in the market for something like this. We see this thing going for above asking price. Do we really need to paint the picture for ya?

Well, take a look at its neighbor that just closed for $1.44M. Another neighbor closed for $1.5M+. Another neighbor that needed a gut reno quickly went into contract for $999K. And yet another neighbor was a favorite of ours for a while and finally sold above $1.5M as well.

The inside is gorgeous & quality. And while the style might not quite be your taste, that's purely cosmetic details...

And who can argue with the bay window breakfast nook overlooking the rear garden?

Everything is in order here. Get it while you can.

Pro's: turnkey, great insides, open house, owner's sitting on a ton of equity, around the corner from the 2/3, near Prospect Park for Clinton Hill prices, backyard,

Con's: hmmm.... we're stumped

Ideally: get in now, make a decent offer, and cross your fingers you don't get outbid by $200K


  1. Significant water damage to the ceilings and walls on the top two floors due to a botched roof job. Mystery solved.

  2. Ouch - what a shame! And we got a quote from a top roof guy in BK for $5,000 to do a completely new roof. Woulda saved 'em 10-20 times that if they'd done it right the first time. As Thoreau said, "What is once well done is done forever."

  3. Can you give me the contact number of that top roof guy in BK?

  4. Sure, call Fred Ciliotta at Premiere Roofing, 718-638-3711

  5. Turns out this listing went into contract last week, which is no surprise to us. Especially when our contractor told us that the "catch" Park Slop points out with the roof leak and ceiling damage could be completely repaired with $30K at the most. We expect to see this close well above asking price.