Sunday, October 23, 2011

Huge & Camera-Shy with Potential: 112 St. James Place

You know we love Clinton Hill, and you've seen us up & down St. James Place. From the enormous steal that is 234 St. James Place, to the gorgeous-if-overpriced 14 St. James, to one of the best 4-Family renovation buys all year. Today we take a look at 112 St. James Place, although they're not giving us too much to look at. Just listed at $1.3M a couple of days ago, the listing says it's located "in arguably the 'sweet spot' in the Clinton Hill Historic District." It's also priced in that sweet spot between what some gut reno's and SRO's go for over here without pictures on their listing, like 121 Cambridge, and what some more manageable renovations with pictures go for, like 107 Cambridge. We think 112 St. James should show us some pictures.

In any event, a 4,000+ sqft 2-Family brownstone with original details and this much curb appeal can easily fetch this price over here almost regardless of condition or layout, especially considering the prices the Cambridge Place places went for. As (almost) always: good house, sub-par listing. If we were trying to sell this, we'd take extra steps to set it apart from the handful of listings over there in this price range, but we're sure it'll sell despite the half-baked listing.

Pro's: curb appeal, 4,000+ sqft, location, original details

Con's: 18.5' wide, no layout, no photos, no clarity on tenancy situation or interior condition

Ideally: still worth a look, all day long. Could be a slam dunk for the right buyer.