Thursday, October 20, 2011

Top Notch Cobble Hill: 329 Clinton Street

Is it too much to ask to be wowed by a $2M+ listing? Yesterday's listing for 473 Clinton Avenue left us way underwhelmed, so we thought we'd mosey on over to Clinton Street in Cobble Hill and see what Brooklyn's most expensive neighborhood by median home sale price had to offer above $2M. 329 Clinton Street is a 21' wide 4-Family brownstone on a top-notch block. You've seen us on Clinton Street before, like when a shell listed for $1.45M with no pictures and quickly closed for $1.731M, but 329 Clinton Street is no shell. It's also no steal either at $2.695M. This 5-story home has all kinds of neat details like parquet floors, hardwood floors, original mantles, exposed brick, exposed wood beams, multiple skylights in the attic...

But still not nearly as impressive as the less expensive, better photographed, in contract 3-Family on Warren Street. BHS knows what they're doing. When you're making over $120K on a listing, why not throw the photographer a few Benjamins along the way to help really sell the place to these big-ticket buyers? With better pictures to be found on a $929K apartment listing than this $2.695M building on Clinton Street, it kinda leaves us kind of feeling like Cartman, who "at least likes to be wined & dined" after he's taken advantage of.

At least this listing for a $930K condo in Clinton Hill offers 2 spa gift certificates if you close by November 30th. Which might be a nice parting gift if you bought a $60K Mercedes, but is really the least the agent could do if you just dropped about $200K down on a condo. Someone is eventually going to see this place on Clinton Street and pay up for a block where inventory is quality over quantity, but if it were our listing, you'd get a WAY better look at it than this.

Pro's: top notch block, 21' wide, 5 story, great original details, backyard, a few good looks at the interior, lots of FAR to work with

Con's: definitely not the best way to spend this kind of money, not the best-possible look at the inside on the listing

Ideally: this price isn't even close in our book with what else is out there, but - ironically - past a certain price, pricing isn't even the issue anymore

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