Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clinton Hill Neighbors: 105 Greene Avenue

Kind of in that lovable no-man's land between Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, right across the street from Prospect Drugs, comes 105 Greene Avenue.

It looks like the current owner's got it in '05 or 06 for $1.5M-something. They quickly went into Lis Pendens by 2007, which would make them a short-sale candidate at this point. Now listed for sale at $1.65M? Does anyone throw that kind of money around lightly? They could at least show something on the inside for that inflated price. At least 107 Gates from earlier this week could do that. Especially since there's any number of over-priced 2-Family homes out there, such as:476 DeGraw, or the equally-mysterious but way better situated 228 Cumberland, or 61A South Elliot Place.

They're barely even showing us the outside of the place. The picture on the listing shows signage and scaffolding:

However, we were able to uncover some shots of the inside from an expired Corcoran listing - who else, right? Even when they don't have the listing anymore - and it was only a rental listing to begin with - they're still more on top of it than the current listing broker is! That's like doing your job better than your co-workers, long after you've quit.

But Corcoran doesn't quit. Right next door they have 103 Greene Avenue. The good sister. The pretty one. Owners paid $2.1M a few years ago and are probably just looking to move on, even though they may still be over-priced at $2.35M - which can buy a heck of a lot of house in all kinds of neighborhoods these days. The listing is another pro job for sure by the agent and Corcoran's group, but we don't see any rush at this price with what else is out there.

Lots of things are holding 105 back here too, but we'd love to see the whole current inside and find out if there's a price where it's interesting.

Pro's: around the corner from Brooklyn Flea, curb appeal?, "look at the lovely $2M home next door!"?

Con's: 2-Family status in the first place, no pics of the inside, price isn't competetive at all for the 2-Family market

Ideally: the price action moves down agressively and we get some idea of the interior.

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