Thursday, April 5, 2012

Closings of Note: Big Boy Pants

19 3rd Street - A relative steal in Carroll Gardens, that was out forever. One of the last vestiges of 2010 and the last of the dip. Finally closed on 2/10/12 for $1.56M.

On CNBC the other day, we overheard, "If you're making a new entry into Apple at these levels, you'd better have your big boy pants on." Which is exactly how we feel about the price points in Park Slope...

496 2nd Street - A 4,000+ sqft 3-Family in Park Slope that magically claims an owner's triplex and 2 x 2BR rentals. Bootleggedly listed elsewhere for $2.3M, then Corcoran got their hands on it, raised the price to $2.4M, and got it in contract in just over 2 months. Just sold for $2.37M on 3/7/2012.

451 8th Street - Another Corcoran listing in Park Slope, big surprise. A 2-Family with tons of restored details and nice upgrades, lists for $2.45M in 2011-2012 twice, finally fetches $2.3M on 3/28/2012.

464 Prospect Place - a 20' x 70', 5,600 sqft 8-Family on the first Crown Heights block east of Prospect Heights. Not listed on the open market. Platinum Members had it on their radar the day its foreclosure auction was announced. Closed for $1.24M on 3/1/2012

397 Bainbridge Street - a renovated 2-Family in Bed-Stuy listed for $599K in October 2011, closed for $555K on 3/15/2012. A true flip, if you study the property history.

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