Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Value Doesn't Last: 542 Carlton Avenue

When Park Slope & BoCoCa go up, so does everybody else. And value right across Flatbush from Park Slope won't last long, even when the listing is bootleg & the agent never picks up the phone. 542 Carlton Avenue, hidden under "&Carlton Ave." on Streeteasy has been out for a while, but wouldn't've even lasted this long if the agent ever did anything about it. And as soon as she did, it was gone.

This nice little barrel-front 2-Family brownstone fixer-upper with lots of wood details and a decently-renovated rental unit is a great alternative to South Slope and the ~$2M listings cropping up in Prospect Heights now, and what claims to pass for ~$2M in north Slope. A quick glimpse inside is all that was provided:

Have fun dragging this absentee agent kicking & screaming to the closing table.

curb appeal, value, healthy size for this price, trains, Vanderbilt Ave, budding school district, original details

Con's: gone too soon, couldn't ask for a more terribly-serviced listing

Ideally: jump at value when you can, 'cause it doesn't last long

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