Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tease of the Year: 116 1st Place

On our Platinum Member radar since day 1, back in October or November, this killer-diller 4-Family has so much going for it on so many levels we don't know where to start. And, yes, just like our last pick, good luck finding this on your StreetEasy or your NYTimes. 116 1st Place is a 4-Family brownstone between lovable Court and Smith Streets. It's around the corner from the F/G stop at Carroll Street. It's across the street from the picky-parent-approved PS 58. It came out for $1.989M in the fall, dropped to $1.9M, had multiple-offers with back-ups for a time, then came back out, and a whole lot of other details we can't quite go into here.

Everybody and their dog knows how to type in (4.5 million a month, and counting...) and those agents tend to get off their bums from time to time, so it figures that their place in estate condition around the corner went in contract above $2M, while this thing languished under mediocre marketing and haphazard servicing, only to now be off the market. Corcoran, have at it. You know you can get this seller this price. Get up out there and make that commission, yo! On a block that wants almost $4M for a 4-Family, we can't even begin to count the ways and types of buyers this thing is a great move for. Too bad it's gone, for now... we guarantee dude gets 10 calls this week he never otherwise would've gotten. Who loves ya, Brooklyn??

Pro's: Platinum Members Only

Con's: Platinum Members Only

Ideally: Platinum Members Only

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