Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't Try This on StreetEasy: 127 St. Felix Street

It remains absurd to us that folks with $2M+ in cash can't even get a comprehensive list of every single property available for sale in Brooklyn. Not from Corcoran, not from Brown Harris, not from Prudential Douglas Elliman, not from the President of the Real Estate Board of New York. But don't take our word for it. The precious New York Times concurs, "There is no comprehensive listing service for Brooklyn brownstones." Last week one reader commented on a post, "If Streeteasy is not a comprehensive listing site, how does BK propose a comprehensive search? I use both NY Times and Streeteasy." Well, trust us, it takes much more than a two-pronged attack.

In fact, neither the NY Times or Streeteasy would get you hip to this listing at 127 St. Felix Street. Ironically, neither would the supposed listing agent's own website. This is, afterall, the "information age", people. Is it really that hard? Luckily this Long Island MLS syndicates with Trulia, so it showed up there a few days after it came out. Granted, a terrible listing, an obscene price for no interior pictures, no layout, and barely any details. I mean, really, "2 stoves, 2 refrigerators"? For just $2 million?? Get your offers ready!

The location is a little niftier to us than the other stretch of St. Felix we've covered. We like this block a lot better. But many will moan that it's in the shadows of Atlantic Terminal and Hanson Place. We're sure the big brokers will be jumping at these owners to list their place much better than this. Corcoran moved a deal on this block in a flash months ago. But this 127 St. Felix listing ain't gonna cut it for 19' x 35' at $2M. Even this terrible $200K condo listing in Miami Beach took 15 pictures of the unit's surroundings. Someone who stands to make 10 times the commission couldn't bother to take more than one exterior pic? Welcome to Brooklyn.

Pro's: location (on some levels), owners are sitting on a ton of equity so a realistic price could work for both parties

Con's: hard to find listing, no pics or info, not everyone's favorite block, pricing is out of control

someday we'll look back on the MLS-less days in Brooklyn and laugh. Until then, there's BK to the Fullest!

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