Friday, May 4, 2012

SRO Neighbors in "Boerum Hill": 272 Dean Street

Right next to the SRO at 268 Dean Street that's been out forever and can't find its way, comes another SRO at 272 Dean Street. So let's get this straight... if you didn't like 268 Dean Street at $899K for a year or two, you probably won't like it at its latest price of $949K. And if you don't want an SRO on this block for $949K, then you probably won't like 272 Dean Street at $1.49M.

That's right, people: 2 SRO's on the same block that are $500K apart in price.

How are you supposed to gauge how this could possibly be worth half a million dollars more than its neighbor with no pictures and no details on tenancy? We're simply told, "Interior in need of total renovation...Cash Sale only" which were both a given already. Telling us that the "CO is Class 'B' Multiple Dwelling" is just a fancy way of saying it's an SRO. And we all know what that's about. The location isn't as no man's land as it once was, as everything between true Boerum Hill and Park Slope fills in, but it's still not the best block by any stretch. Kids yelling out in the huge schoolyard across the street 24/7, and accompanying school buses don't add much charm either. Heck, an SRO with Corcoran on one of the cutest blocks in all of Park Slope can barely fetch its $1.25M list price, and that's with great pictures of its interior. How do these jokers at Century 21 expect 272 Dean Street to fetch $250K more than that?? At least tell us it's vacant so we'll know why we shouldn't just do 268 Dean Street if we were going to even bother. This thing makes even the latest listing for 414 Dean Street look like a steal.

Pro's: {crickets}

Con's: SRO, needs to be all cash deal, needs gut renovation, bootleg listing, tell us about the tenancy

Ideally: there is a distant planet where this is a good purchase, it's just not on Earth in the year 2012


  1. 272 Dean St. hasn't been occupied as an SRO since prior to 1983. Has been only owner occupied since. Delivered vacant with certificate of non-harassment.