Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Respect the Carriage House: 308 Waverly Avenue

308 Waverly Avenue is a nifty little carriage-house across from a park in Clinton Hill, but you might never know it from the listing. With no picture of the exterior, no picture of the park, the house listed as a "condo" on StreetEasy (and the broker's own website), those who finally do find the place might not make it past the lousy pictures of the generic interior to read the great write-up the broker's given it. Half the charm of this place is that it's a carriage house, so show us! We're expecting an exterior pic on a listing like this. And don't get us started on the renovation...

A carriage house can be a really cool space to play with. If you get it wrong, you've got problems. But if you get it right, the sky's the limit. 16 Hunts Lane came out in a great location, with a cute shot of its quaint exterior, a few pics of its clean, generic interior, and a $995K price tag that competes with neighboring condos & co-ops there in Brooklyn Heights. At least they gave their interior a shot at it with some fancy pics, but the house appears to still be sitting on the market available. (In Spanish they say, "Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda.") However, here in Clinton Hill, just 2 blocks away from 308 Waverly, Corcoran was able to move these fully-renovated adjacent carriage houses at 410-412 Waverly for the list price of $3M.

At 308 Waverly Avenue, you get only 2 stories, but a healthy floor plate. There might be room to save that interior yet. Check the true size of the yard with the 50' x 180' lot they're claiming, but sharing a yard with the huge castle that is 315 Clinton Avenue ain't too shabby either:

Pro's: neat block, curb appeal, tall ceilings, claims to have a yard, interesting space to play with

Con's: give us an exterior pic!, you'd expect a little more for $1.3M over here, value might actually be with the smaller 16 Hunts Lane at its price

Ideally: worth a look at a lower price, because there are possibilities...

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