Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What a Difference a Listing Makes: 414 Stuyvesant Avenue

We already showed ya what a difference 6 months makes. Now it's time to show ya what a difference a listing makes. On Platinum Member radar early on, 414 Stuyvesant Avenue was a great home with a terrible listing. You mean to tell me a 20' x 45' limestone on a 104' lot for $775K? Schwwinng!!

Ok, so at least they were kind enough to put up a picture-less StreetEasy listing too, which is a lot more than we can say about some of you joker brokers out there. Not that it helped that much; the listing layed fallow for months. Meanwhile, across the street, 407 Stuyvesant Avenue came out with pictures and marketing and a much higher price of $925K, and it barely lasted a couple weeks. Eventually, an LLC took notice and swooped up 414 Stuyvesant Avenue last month for asking price, all cash. We anxiously await their renovation and good listing with a price bump.

You don't need to be Galileo to find every single home available in your search criteria. We can do that for you. And you don't need to be Homes-stradamus to know that a juicy limestone about as close to the train as it gets in Stuyvesant Heights is well worth its asking price. In fact, our Home-stradamus abilities were confirmed yesterday when we realized that almost a year and a half ago we totally called the inevitable $600K+ price cut on 137 Adelphi and the fact that they'd be lucky to get $1.2M in the year 2012.

Pro's: unique curb appeal, stained-glass windows, tons of original details, under most people's radar, location (as this neighb' goes)

Con's: terrible listing, no interior photos, needs lots of work, got swooped up already

Ideally: want the next-best limestone to drop on your radar before it's on anyone else's? Upgrade to Platinum status & stick with BK to the Fullest.