Thursday, May 31, 2012

Open House in Lefferts Manor: 68 Midwood Street

On the other side of Prospect Park from fixer-uppers pushing $2M, there are quaint streets lined with relatively affordable mansions. If you don't know, you owe it to yourself to at least stroll by sometime. Perfectly timed during the House Tour in Prospect Lefferts Gardens this Sunday, an open house at 68 Midwood Street should attract plenty of attention. Filled with original details, perhaps a bit over the top for some, it's the stuff many drool over...

The list price of $1.795M is a steal compared to what this would cost on the other side of the park, yet also higher than the average $406/sqft price of comparable homes closed in the past 6 months in this neighborhood. However, it's an above-average house. The backyard speaks to us...

As well as the sliding door to get out to it. But of course they went with the 'granite & friends' kitchen upgrades that feel more like something out of Country Home Magazine. But we hate to bicker over such minutiae...

We'd rather buy 1142 Dean Street all day, but that's just us. Check out this house if you think you can handle the other side of the park. Prepare for the crowds, though, 'cause you won't be alone.

Pro's: gorgeous block, killer original interior, relative pricepoint, backyard

Con's: single family, not everyone's taste, not everyone's ready for PLG

Ideally: totally worth a look, but we'd lean towards two cheaper places over here with more value first, one of which is the next shoe to drop Brooklyn-wide for its pricepoint

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