Friday, September 10, 2010

Friendly Frame House: 193 Washington Avenue

No real, public MLS in Brooklyn makes things hard. However, there are deals to be had when you really turn over all the stones in the neighborhood. Clinton Hill is no exception. 193 Washington Avenue is a 3-Family frame house at a do-able price and with lots to offer. There's no "For Sale" sign and it won't show up in most searches, but this is a great property. Although the listing doesn't tell you, there's a huge, lovely backyard, an owner's duplex, and two legit-2BR rentals above. This house is in great condition and needs only a modest amount of fixing up. The listing even says the price is negotiable!

The block this building's on is quite cute and some might even like the look of the frame construction over the abundance of brownstone out there. Plus, there's nothing wrong with being right next to all kinds of amenities on Myrtle, Pratt, and the G train. Not for the must-be-close-the-C-train camp of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill - but there's a buyer out there who will love this property.

Pro's: nice owner's duplex, spacious backyard, 2BR rentals, unique look

Con's: location's off the beaten path for city-bound trains, frame house has its concerns, some small repairs needed immediately,

Ideally: It's hard for this house to command over a million given its rents, location, and competition. However, below a million this becomes an interesting place, depending on your downpayment & renovation budget.

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  1. We're told this property is currently "on hold", which is why the listing is no longer up.