Monday, September 27, 2010

Newly Listed Deep in Carroll Gardens: 8 4th Place

8 4th Place is a nice-looking brick 3-Family building on a nice-looking block, deep in Carroll Gardens. There's a front and back yard, 2 rental units, on a quaint block filled with adorable, manicured front lawns. The neighborhood-y feel of even deep Carroll Gardens has an appeal. And we've already documented some of the rents that have arrived here. However, the walk to the train and the desirable amenities of this neighborhood are a bit far from this house. And you're almost in the shadows of the BQE, down the street AND around the corner, on this outer edge of the neighborhood. Unless, that is, you enjoy jaunts to Ikea being almost more convenient than the walk to the F-train.

The price is looking a bit steep to us considering this house just listed last weekend, amid activity on two other properties closer to Court Street, also on 4th Place. With 77 4th Place listing for $1.5M and closing for $1.05M last month, it's not likely a 35' deep building further off the path could command the full $1.45M. We also have yet to see where 43 4th Place closes.

Pro's: neighborhood-y feel, yards, curb appeal, 4 floors

Con's: distance from trains and amenities, proximity to BQE, 35' depth

Ideally: someone will value the home-y feel of this place and will make due with the downsides, but for this price?

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  1. Relisted with Corcoran, open house today...