Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not Mad At Ya, Fort Greene: 176 Adelphi Street

We love Fort Greene as much as anybody else. And 176 Adelphi Street offers a lot for a small little house too. But the asking price here is obviously a stretch. It's okay - we're not at mad at ya, Corcoran, for trying to fetch top dollar for a crisp, clean space in a lovable neighborhood. As brownstoner.com points out, the same dough might even be better spent on "the deeply-flawed but larger and better-preserved 204 Clermont". We couldn't've said it better ourselves!

Past Willoughby is a bit off the beaten path for top dollar in this neighborhood too. Makes us miss 258 Adelphi Street.

Pro's: nicely renovated, nice layout given the size, Fort Greene

Con's: 14' wide, high-end price without being all that high-end, not much rental potential in 2-Family

Ideally: Even $1.2M might be on the high end. There's just better ways to spend this kind of money out there. But this will be a nice house for the right owner at the right price.

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