Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Post-Slope"-ing it in Clinton Hill: 232 Greene Avenue

Yesterday we took a look at a small 3-Family building in Park Slope for $1.15M in a neighborhood so beloved that it might make up for the building's size.

Today we've got a small 2-Family in Clinton Hill that started at $1.175M, now listed at $1.05M

232 Greene Avenue is a 17' wide building set up as two duplexes.

Where is $1.1M-ish better spent? Transportation's tough for some in Clinton Hill with the G train closest and only the C train a few blocks further.

When we ran into our boy from Yeasayer having coffee outside of Choice a while back, he weighed in, "All those strollers in Park Slope, man. I feel like they're judging me. Clinton Hill, this is like the best neighborhood in Brooklyn."

You got Pratt straddled up next to the projects and it's just a blend some can really go for. As always, it's easy for us to day-dream of waking up to Choice bacon/egg/n'/cheese breakfasts. One could make a case for this place for sure, at the right price.

The Lis Pendens from July 2008 has us a little thrown too. There should be plenty of equity in the place from what we can tell. Hmmm...

Anybody diggin' the blond brick? We're flip-flopping on that one. Spike Lee's Absolut Brooklyn venture has kinda killed the mood for us on the look of certain Brooklyn exteriors.

Thanks a lot, Spike!

Pro's: location (for some), curb appeal (for some), "Post-Slope" neighborhood

Con's: transportation, narrow at 17' wide, not much rental income potential

Ideally: Compare it to neighbors like 72 Downing Street and hall of famers like 175 Greene Avenue and there should be room below $1M.


  1. that's my old apartment all the way on the right side of this picture!

  2. How much was your 1BR place again? Was it floor-through? And what year was that, friend?

  3. This listing dropped to $975K just a few days after we posted it, then it went into contract in January 2011. The listing's now been removed, but we still haven't seen the sale: