Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Prospect Heights: 463 St. Johns Place

Listed two days ago, it's a Christmas Miracle!! Okay, not really. It's more like a little too far and little too pricey and a little too overly-yet-jankily renovated. It's 463 St. Johns Place. The Streeteasy listing even has more info than the broker's site itself.

There's definitely been a renovation here. Some of the highlights include:

The owner picked it up in 2003 for $250K, and might've put the same amount into rehabbing the place. But the kitchen and bathroom remain dated-feeling in their style and don't really match the rest of the house. We wish we'd see this kind of wood, windows, and fireplace in something that wasn't so far away. We don't mean to be scrooge-like about it, but with the 2-Family loan limit sitting squarely at $960K, there's way better places to put 20% down on. That said, you can pick up a fine house if they'll go to $999K. There should be plenty of equity built in with which to do so, but that doesn't always translate to seller capitulation.

Pro's: renovated, backyard, deck over yard, great wood floors & original mantles, close to the train, museum, and Prospect Park

Con's: date-feeling kitchen and bath (even if they're recently renovated), 17' wide, price

Ideally: $999K

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  1. re-listed for $1.3M: