Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally Found Ya: 310 Lafayette Avenue

We've honestly been asking this agent for months to tell us where this place is. We saw the listing, the exterior picture, and now interior pictures; but for some reason the addresses of all the great Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and Bed-Stuy listings this agent has were revealed to us, except this one. So we took matters into our own hands and tried a little trick we stumbled on. On some listings, if you right-click and save the picture, the default file name the picture will look to save as will contain the address of the property. Guess agents who can't be bothered to tell you the address of a place also can't be bothered to change the file name when they save the picture. Either way, check out what we uncovered!!

310 Lafayette Avenue is a 3-Family brick building 4 doors away from our beloved Choice Market.

Can you smell that yummy bacon, egg & cheese cooking? The price might be a tad high considering the neighborhood's pricing and the noisy block it's on. But then we see a bit of nice, bright interior with wood floors and original fireplace...

And it starts to compare favorably to the corner property up the way, the gut reno 238 Lafayette.

According to Zillow, the property was purchased in 2006 for just $309K. Not sure if this owner did the renovations or took out more equity.

Pro's: location, curb appeal, original details, wood floors, high ceilings,

Con's: pricing, not that much square footage, Lafayette is a busy avenue with a bus route going down it & G-train underneath

Ideally: there's a play to make in the $1.05-$1.1M range!