Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Available" 2-Fam' in the Slope: 27 Lincoln Place

On a nifty little pocket of streets just inside Park Slope, off 5th Avenue, across the street from Park Slope Playground, on a block with a row of brownstones and some nice, big limestones across the street comes a funky little 2-Family, 27 Lincoln Place.

According to Property Shark, it closed on 8/5/10 for $700K. Yet we see the place listed as an "Estate Sale" with Awaye Realty, with its "Status" listed as "Available". We honestly can't tell if the listing is moot because it just sold, or if someone bought it for $700K and immediately relisted it for $1.2M. The most like case is the first one. But with so much tomfoolery in BK real estate, you never can tell.

At a narrow less-than-17' wide, with no pictures of the interior, it's hard to know what you're getting into over here. Googlemaps streetview shows a serene front-porch scene:

The listing calls it "Builders Delight!" and surely lots of work would be needed here. The curb appeal situation is tough with the fakey flinstone rocks on the front. Truly a Yabba-dabba-don't.

Compare to some of the preposterously-priced, yet-nice 2-Family's out there like 476 Degraw or 61A South Elliot, but as renovations go in Park Slope in recent weeks, nothing compares to the incomparable, in-contract 691 Sackett.

Pro's: location, close to trains, legit Park Slope, 4 stories, over 3,000+ sqft

Con's: curb appeal, condition, 17' wide, 2-Family status, expensive for a renovation.

Ideally: That recent sale was the one for this listing, and another 691 Sackett comes along.

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  1. Love the facade. Real classy. They're listing this house at the local Ren. Fair.