Monday, December 27, 2010

Tiny 2-Family's Keep Coming: 444 Sackett Street

"Why Go To Manhattan?" this listing asks. Hmmm, good question. Maybe because we don't wanna overpay for a narrow, not-that-great house that hardly even stacks up to condo's on a price-per-sqft basis? $689/sqft for a 2-Family that's on a block toward Gowanus? We're not seeing it. 444 Sackett has got some explaining to do.

This makes the also-tiny 473 Union around the corner (now "On Hold") look like a steal. We like the backyard:

But we don't know what we like less: the fakey floors or the tiny, dated kitchen:

As great as this general neighborhood is, you can't charge this much for a small house and lousy finishes. Something's gotta give. The listing boasts, "Freshly Painted." Yeah, so are $900/month studio apartments in Queens. What are they talking about? The only thing this listing has going for it is they took pictures and put it on an MLS. In what is unfortunately a rare move for income properties, they also called out the $1,500/month rental income. Ooh, and they have the condition listed as "Vintage". Aren't real estate euphemisms the best? Ya win some, ya lose some.

Pro's: Carroll Gardens-y, price-point seems low, close to the train, curb appeal

Con's: Gowanus-y, relative price, tiny, 16' wide, dated and/or cheap finishes.

Ideally: spend this dough on something larger. If this goes for more than a million, we'll be astonished.

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  1. According to Zillow, this listing was removed on 1/22/11: