Wednesday, March 23, 2011

South Slope Condo Alternative: 279 13th Street

Lots of things make 279 13th Street a compelling buy. The list price of $1.179M (or $671/sqft) is competetive with the rest of South Slope brick & brownstones, the condo market, and the rest of the 2-Family market. The interior is very turnkey and has some great retained/restored details:

Sure, 15' wide is going to give you some narrow spaces. But this is great condition at a great price. Compare it to a more expensive fixer-upper like 313 12th Street or 443 11th Street. For an even deeper discount, you can check out the smaller, further, dinkier, cheaper 195 13th Street. This looks like one of the most do-able buys out there, probably won't last long...

Pro's: price, interior, curb appeal, beats most apartments

Con's: 15' wide, not a lot of sqft

Ideally: anywhere close to $1.1M, we'd call this a strong buy

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