Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fort Greene Showdown: 308 Clermont Avenue

In the spirit of yesterday's match-up in Caroll Gardens, we've got another showdown of 3-family properties on the same street. 308 Clermont is a 3-family in Fort Greene listed at $1.694M. It's a block away from our first house 204 Clermont. We don't really see this price happening. Property Shark says this listing has been up at this price since April 2010. 204 Clermont is probably the better house, but it's been up since 2008 and the price has already dropped to $1.545M. For less money, we'd much rather have the corner lot and the garage. Both seem pricey compared to one of our faves, 258 Adelphi. And for almost $1.7M, we'd much rather head to 407 Sterling Place.

Just like yesterday's match-up, the better listing may win the day. 204 Clermont's listing has nice, shiny pictures of the interior. 308 Clermont has a listing with pictures, but they're pretty dim and grim.

Pro's: location, fair condition, fair curb appeal

Con's: price, price, price

Ideally: Prices need to come much closer to the FHA 3-family loan limit of $1.2M. If you absolutely love this block, 308 Clermont makes bidding on 204 Clermont seem reasonable.

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