Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Still Like Prospect Heights: 371 Park Place

371 Park Place is in one our favorite little nooks of Prospect Heights just off Grand Army Plaza. We still like Prospect Heights as a great alternative to Park Slope. These blocks have some stately-looking houses. This one's got that off-white stone facade with some great wood floors & wood detail on the interior:

How 'bout that fireplace and woody bay window?

The house was purchased in 2005 for $1.1M and could still be a great buy for someone today at the right price. But we also think $1.673M is a little steep. Compare it to 407 Sterling Place around the corner which is the same price and probably more bang for the buck. Or compare it to its neighbor across the street, 368 Park Place, which recently closed for $1.32M on 1/13/11.

Pro's: curb appeal, great block, lots of nice detail on the interior, legal 4-Family status

Con's: only 17' wide, not the best way to spend essentially $1.7M

Ideally: This is a solid buy to us even around $1.4M, so someone will probably pay a premium above that.


  1. closed for $1.565M on 6/30/2011