Monday, July 19, 2010

Stately Indeed: 407 Sterling Place

Walking around Prospect Heights this weekend just past Vanderbilt, I couldn't stop shoving my friend and saying, "Omg, look at all these gorgeous buildings!" It's actually uplifting to just see block after block of this good architecture. To that end, we bring you 407 Sterling Place.

Another Brooklyn Properties listing that's a lovely house. Not only a gorgeous, tree-lined block, but we believe firmly in this neighborhood. The listing even has floorplans! As a legal 2-family, this is pretty out of reach for buyers looking to keep their downpayment down with FHA. Not sure where the 2nd unit even comes into play with only one kitchen in the layout. And the list price of $1.7M+ might make even a few Park Slope houses blush. But a nice, hefty chunk of space with original finishes doesn't come along that often in these parts. And who knows, given where 170 St. Marks Avenue closing at $1.92M in February, 2010.

We don't have a play on it, but certainly some distinguished baller might. Would the $1.4M territory make sense?

Pro's: curb appeal, original finishes, over-all neighborhood

Con's: price, width, not the most train-friendly stretch, is it basically a 1-family in disguise?

Ideally: A distinguished baller should get a nice house, but for a nice price?


  1. Just reduced to $1.599M - that's more like it!

  2. Finally sold for $1.515M on 5/27/11{scid=hdp-site-map-bubble-address}