Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Mr. Scott, Tear Down This Sign!": 417 Grand Avenue

It was a defining moment in the collapse of Communism when Reagan challenged, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Today we continue to call out those real estate imposters who claim to have a saleable listing, but don't. Today we declare: Mr. Scott, tear down this sign!

Don't ****tease us with a for sale sign in front of this massive 25' x 70' building weighing in at 7,200 sqft on a gorgeous block in burgeoning Clinton Hill. Worse yet, the sign boasts a "cash back rebate program" where buyers are eligible to get a cut of the participating broker's commission. Too bad no sale will happen in the first place. Call this man. Here's his number. Just ask him. Tell him to take down this sign. Let him join the other imposters like 414 Dean Street and 138 Prospect Place. Tell 829 8th Street to put "In Contract" on their listing. Tell 706 Union to put "In Contract" on their listing. Tell 347 Greene to take their ad down when their seller has already turned down offers at asking price.

Like Reagan plead for, let's usher in a new era of transparency. It's hard enough to find the REAL listings out there; let's not clutter up the field with more imposters. Is it too much to ask that a buyer ready to shell-out as much as $2.9M get to know whether their prospective buy is actually available or not? Should we start a seperate page exclusively for imposters? Who else out there is faking the funk?

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