Wednesday, November 16, 2011

13th Street Beauty

This spring, 279 13th Street splashed onto the scene as one of the top condo-alternative/affordable-in-the-Slope candidates newly, actively available in the market that had done a 180° pivot towards bullishness from the bearish fall season before. It quickly became one of the all-time top viewed posts on BK to the Fullest, which is always a sure-fire sign the property's due to close any minute. In July, it closed for its list price of $1.179M, which was pretty compelling at $671/sqft for a small, turnkey 2-Family with some nice details.

Today we take a look at another beauty on 13th Street, just a block away...

For just under $1.45M, this 18' x 35' 2-Family sits happily between the likes of the TLC-needing Prospect Avenue place we just peaked at and the horrendously mis-priced, untidily-photographed 725 President Street. Sure, it's not the biggest, or the best location, but what it lacks there it makes up for in truly sparkling interior...

What do get when you mix high ceilings, a skylight, an interior staircase, a washer/dryer, a private deck, a garden rental getting $3,500/month, a real Park Slope block, and "motivated" sellers? We say it's a "buy".

Pro's: curb appeal, sparkling interior, rental income potential, price point is actually moderate in today's market

Con's: the building isn't deep, not that much sqft-age, not the most quaint stretch of this block

Ideally: It would be a steal to grab this at a price per sqft similar to 279 13th Street.


  1. what's the address of this place??

  2. The address is 215 13th Street. It's no longer on the market now, big surprise? Time to start the imposters list on a new page??