Thursday, November 17, 2011

Slope Alternative: 238 Windsor Place

Yesterday's pick got lots of attention because of its beautiful interior and Park Slope location at a sub-$1.5M price point. Today's pick is another 2-Family with a clean, classy renovation and curb appealing barrel front on a quaint residential block. But you've gotta go to Windsor Terrace to get it. 238 Windsor Place just came out for $1.29M. We barely know these blocks well enough to say how well this stacks up for this area overall, but we like Windsor Terrace more than certain parts of south Slope. 238 Windsor Place might have potential as a Park Slope alternative. What's been renovated looks great...

We agree the garden really tops it off. If you want a cute block close to Prospect Park, could this be the play for someone? Even if it's small, worse condos have been purchased for much more than this $600/sqft. If it was picked up in February 2010 for $1.125M, we're not sure what's changed besides the market. If the garden level "awaits your renovation", you might watch out for some added costs upfront. This pricing sure makes the larger, better-located 419 Sterling Place look like a steal.

Pro's: curb appeal, nice renovation, proximity to the park and the F train

Con's: small, more renovation budget needed for the garden level?, more value might be found in areas not linked to Park Slope

Ideally: we'd rather have gotten 112 St. James Place

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