Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prospect Avenue Piece

Today's pick is a little semi-mystery meat 2-Family in South Slope on Prospect Avenue. How frikkin' quaint is this block? Who cares if it's only 16' wide and 2,400 sqft? This thing is adorable, especially at $899K. There'd be 20 people at the open house if they had one and it were properly marketed. But it'll live under a rock and everyone will pile into 643 Degraw instead.

Someday, someone will create a fully-comprehensive list of all properties for sale in Brownstone Brooklyn, that will give million dollar properties the same searchability, information, photos and respect that gives $10,000 used Honda Accords - but until that fateful day, there will always be... BK to the Fullest!

Pro's: curb appeal, pricing, location, original details

Con's: needs some work, 16' wide, lives under a rock

Ideally: this is a slam dunk for the right buyer. Contact us for more details.

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