Monday, November 21, 2011

Keeping Up With The Joneses: 866 Prospect Place

Once everyone gets religion and realizes European debt crises and threats of double-dip recession aren't going to shake Park Slope price points, and the plain fact that you don't need to be in the lame/tame Slope in order to simply not get mugged, suddenly even the Wall Street Journal wants to Occupy Crown Heights these days. And we're all aboard. Despite odd, racially-motivated aversions to the area that we've heard from some buyers, who is running from this incredible housing stock? We sniffed a great buy & hold brownstone 3-Family over here below $800K a few weeks ago (not covered on the blog so far), but today we take a look at who wants over a million east of Franklin Avenue.

866 Prospect Place is a huge, 5,700+ sqft limestone 2-Family that wants $1.35M. Note, there's certainly a disconnect between what they want and what they get. In June 2010, they wanted $1.77M, and only dropped to the current list price in July of this year. Meanwhile, a fave of ours in piping-hot Clinton Hill didn't last 2 weeks on the market at $1.3M.

Somebody was really pushing the limits of their Blackberry when they took these dark pics, and couldn't be bothered to move the fan or the spitoon away from the fireplace before snapping the shot that presumably was going to get them $75,000 in commission...

If you want a real home with original mantles, stained-glass, and great wood detailing... you're not going to find it for this price in the Slope, kids! While, the current Slope winner in this category just dropped price $200K, and sits at $1.8M, you might be able to nab 866 Prospect Place at a very attractive price.

Pro's: curb appeal, size, original details, owner's triplex, roof deck

Con's: pricing, needs lots of TLC, talk to me about the trains, are people ready to trek further east?

Ideally: there's a $999K place a few blocks from here that has it all over this place.

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