Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Park Slope Under $2M: 635 10th Street

Make room for the next-best buy in the area. With all of the activity above $2M in Park Slope, this nice 4-story 2-Family on the block between 8th Avenue and the park won't last long. 635 10th Street came out last week, came out of the gates with an open house, and will have offers pouring in - so come correct. Elliman can move $2M in Clinton Hill - not once, but twice. And just closed north of $2M in North Slope - not once, but twice. And with the next-best buy at 233 Garfield Place sitting with an accepted offer after just 2 months, their latest price drop, and open house, don't sleep on 635 10th Street.

They don't say too much about it, only the important stuff. Anytime you can say "sconces", "moldings", "orginal", and "ceiling medallions" in the same sentence, a Brownstoner gets weak in the knees. They only gave us a few interior pics, but that's all they needed to:

Whether you call it "the poor man's" 233 Garfield, or "the rich man's" 27 7th Avenue, this is the next shoe to drop in the burning hot Park Slope market for big homes with original details. Although the house has been in the same family sitting on all equity for over 30 years, don't think that means there's room to low-ball. And if it goes above asking price, don't be surprised either. Remember, dinky condos sell for way more than this everyday in Manhattan. And Chris Rock reminds us that money is all relative.

Pro's: location, curb appeal, original details, yard, better than paying above $2M (although it might end up there)

Con's: "bring your architect", lots of work to be done yet

Ideally: get it while you can.


  1. I don't see this house lasting long...

  2. Pros: yard?

    One does exist but it's small, grey, dark, only accessible via the garden rental and completely surrounded by other buildings...

    Rest of the place is awesome.

  3. Closed last month for $2.07M, to the dismay of low-ballers everywhere