Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Serving of Mystery Meat: 154 18th Street

Deep in what some might aspirationally call Park Slope comes another serving of Mystery Meat, 154 18th Street. We do know it's a legal 3-Family. What's it made of? Who knows?

Luckily someone managed to text message a property description from their Blackberry IN ALL CAPS on the listing. One of our favorite features of this property is its "IIMMCREDIBLE RENOVATIONS" (sic).

Maybe the owner saved money on renovations by taking advantage of having European Granite & Marble Corporation next door. Let's be honest, who wouldn't wanna pay $1.029M for a place way off the beaten path, by the highway, on an industrial block, that they can't see the inside of? And only 35' deep to boot?

Oh wait... that sounds awful.

This makes another Mystery Meat candidate, 229 17th Street, on the other side of 4th Avenue look like a deal. The handful of places on the edge of Carroll Gardens like 155 West 9th Street would even be a much better bet.

The only thing that might put a place like this over the top would be a great interior condition, which makes it all the more ironic they're not showing us any of it.

Pro's: struggling to find any... at least it's not a 2-Family?

Con's: off the beaten path, by the highway, over a $1M?!?, no sense of what's going on inside, only 1,716 sqft?!?!?!

Ideally: you check out a few of the places in deep Slope that actually have something to say for themselves.

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