Monday, January 24, 2011

Deep In the Slope: 229 17th Street

Another case of the mystery meat today! The agent didn't even have the decency to take a picture when he took the listing. Not a picture of the inside, not a picture of the outside. He just snatched the pic off of Property Shark as we often do. (Mind you, we're not getting paid a chunk of the sale price to market these properties the way the listing agents are.) And it's odd to think that this dinky listing could command the same kind of commission that some of the more professionally-done listings in the same price range can. But we like the sight of a tall, 4 story 3-Family brownstone building close to the trains, within striking distance of Prospect Park and the Slope, for under $800K. Originally listed at $845K, now sitting squarely at $799K, we bring you 229 17th Street.

Sure, some might call it Gowanus (as StreetEasy does), some might call it Sunset Park (as the listing does), but we like to think of it as deep in Park Slope. While the building is a healthy 20' wide, it's only 36' deep. Maybe you'd like to think of that as extra space for the yard on the 100' lot?? Who cares if this block is around the corner from the hectic Prospect Expressway overpass and the immediate neighborhood feels more like Bay Ridge than Park Slope. We think there's something worth taking a look at over here. The listing even boasts, "All Offer Will Be Consider, Owner Ready To Negotiate" (sic) - so get to negotiating!

Pro's: price point, four stories, close to trains, within striking distance of a prime neighborhood

Con's: close to the highway, no idea of interior condition, outer edges of a prime neighborhood

Ideally: take a look and start the negotiations!

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