Monday, January 3, 2011

Is You Is? Or Is You Ain't?: 298 DeKalb Avenue

We jumped at this 3-Family brownstone in Historic Clinton Hill, on an avenue that leads straight to Fort Greene Park and many of the great restaurants in Fort Greene. We're not sure the status of this listing, though. According to Zillow, 298 DeKalb Avenue was listed for $1.395M in June 2009, then removed in March 2010 and quickly bumped up to $1.399M. We see this a lot more often than you might expect. Not sure what the rationale is when something's not selling at one price for almost a year, then you bump it up $40K. This listing was circulating around too, but it's not to be found on Fillmore's website anymore. And we've heard it might be rented and off the market. But since there's no one, unified place reppin' all the listings, maybe Zillow simple doesn't know it's off the market yet, and the agent hasn't taken the time to make the update. Is that too much to ask?

The only pictures available now that we can find are on Zillow, and are too grainy to post here. But they do show some nice exposed brick, sunny BR's with high ceilings & excellent wood floors, as well as some great original wood work in the common area. But we gotta ask, is you is, or is you ain't an active listing??

Pro's: curb appeal, great location for lovers of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, doesn't look like any extensive renovation is needed

Con's: potentially noisy avenue, 1BR rentals, no clarity on status of listing, a couple of dated features on the interior

Ideally: this is still available and there's room to knock it outta the park around the 3-Family loan limit.

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