Friday, January 21, 2011

Quickly Into Contract: 339 15th Street

Listed for $1.4M on 12/11/10, 339 15th Street didn't sit long before going into contract on 1/13/11. This semi-attached 3-Family brick house has that funky bay window action in the front, some nice charm on the outside, and a modern renovation on the inside.

While listed at just under 19', maybe it's the bay windows, but it has a narrow feel to us. While the listing claims there are 2BR rentals on the top two floors, you'd have to get pretty creative to call 6'6" x 10' a bedroom in our book.

To be sure, there are cheaper 3-Family's running around in South Slope. The interior probably gave condo shoppers some friendly comparisons too. At this price, this makes 645 Baltic and 584 10th Street look like great buys!

Pro's: interior renovation, curb appeal, backyard

Con's: pretty deep in the slope, narrow feel, not-quite 2BR rentals

Ideally: we wouldn't pay this much for this little this far, but obviously someone would. A sensible play for somebody, but too rich for our blood. Still we wouldn't be suprised if this fetches asking price or even a little above.

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