Monday, March 5, 2012

Sold Listing in South Slope Still "Active": 262 11th Street

We feel like a broken record, but we have to say it again. It's hard enough to FIND these frikkin' under-cover listings for $1M+ houses in the first place, the LEAST you joker brokers could do is keep them updated. Alas, that's too much to expect from folks cashing $50K+ commission checks. 262 11th Street in South Slope looks like another great tiny 2-Family opportunity at its list price of $1.1M. The listing says it's "Active", but it was actually in contract for a while and closed on 12/13/11 for $1.075M. Thanks for nothing, Lolita.

We've seen this foolishness before. If a restaurant stops serving a dish, they usually take it off the menu. Why that same gesture becomes too much to ask when the price point steps up across $1M is beyond us. Somebody got themselves a nice little house in this market, though:

You figure if they update the kitchens and baths and spruce up the paved backyard with a better configuration, or restore the grass, a back deck maybe... there's lot of directions one could go with the money you save on the purchase price compared to what else goes on along these blocks these days.

Pro's: price point, location, some details worth saving, spend savings on the upgrades

Con's: 16' wide, small, gone

Ideally: if you sold the dang thing and wanna show off, just say so. But don't tease us with places that are gone already

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  1. That drives me insane too - I will even get emails from certain agencies with their 'updated' sales listings and properties that are in contract are still listed - pathetic really.

    Great blog though, keep up the awesome work!