Friday, March 9, 2012

Undercover with Potential Value: 184 Lefferts Place

Leave it to Corcoran to run laps around other companies' listings - even posthumously. 184 Lefferts Place is back out on the market for $1M, but you wouldn't know it from its undercover listing with only 1 picture of the exterior. Yes, that's right, Corcoran's listing from 2005-2006 tells you a lot more than the listing from this week. It's kind of like if your wife's ex-boyfriend knew more about your wife and got along with her better than you - the husband - did. Grainy pics from 6+ years ago are still better than no pics:

This skinny 3-Family is just under 17' wide over 5 stories. Some nice mantles, some dated interior, on a block with lots of huge buildings with these little bay windows sticking out. Probably was a little over-priced when it was purchased for $970K in 2006, and now this $1M price in what looks like a distressed situation sure sounds like a deal in this market. If it was "PRICED TO SELL" 6 years ago, and again now, that might be cause for concern, but it could just be a function of poor timing in this market. They couldn't have listed it more poorly if they tried. Feels like hot potato, but it's definitely worth checking out. All the $1M and below listings on Lefferts Place on the other side of Classon sold already.

Pro's: right by the train, basically Clinton Hill at Bed-Stuy prices, quiet block considering how centralized the location is

Con's: 2-bit listing, feels like a hot potato, what's the condition now?

Ideally: worth a look. Who would know about this listing if it wasn't for BK to the Fullest?


  1. "Who would know about this listing if it wasn't for BK to the Fullest? "

    No One. Absolutely no one.

  2. Closed for $390K in 2013, then $2.325M in 2015