Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pricey but Nice-y: 61A South Elliot Place

Admit it. You wanna live in Fort Greene. But you don't wanna put $340K down. Sorry, can't help ya today. 61A South Elliot Place is a gorgeous 2-Family brownstone in Fort Greene asking $1.7M. Wake up every saturday to the hipster parade that is Brooklyn Flea. Eat a different meal every night on DeKalb, Lafayette, or Fulton. But know you're paying top dollar for a reason.

We love Brooklyn Properties in a way. They bring you great places with killer pictures, not quite as fake-y staged as Corcoran and in even better resolution. But, boy, do they price you outta the game. This is a great looking house from top to bottom, but the 16' width is killing it for us. We'd almost rather buy a doll house to at least up the cuteness factor:

But in all seriousness, this is some place. Look at the variety in the hardwood floors, the crown molding, the pocket doors, the exposed brick:

Even for those of truly baller status, there might be better pickins just around the corner, but it's a matter of taste at that point.

Pro's: curb appeal, immaculate interior, location

Con's: price, width, basically a Single Family in 2-Family clothes

Ideally: you find a little wiggle room on the price, but if you're that baller, why are you splitting hairs?

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