Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Outta the Slope: 163 19th Street

We've found lots of places of all different sizes with more affordable prices in the south Slope area. Crossing 4th Avenue but staying in reach of Park Slope has been an angle to find some affordability. But going south AND past 4th Avenue? Even on a short, industrial block with the aluminum spot across the street and the Gowanus Expressway down the hill 163 19th Street might still have lots to offer. This "Legal 3 family being used as a 2 family" brick building has small presentable spaces, including this marble mantle in the owners duplex:

Ordinarily we'd prefer to see a 3-Family status retained, but in a place of this size and price point, going double duplex might be the best use of the space. And you know we love a backyard:

According to Zillow, it looks like the owner just listed it themselves in January 2010 for $1.3M, which lasted until a price drop in July to $950K. Now Fillmore is showing a recent price reduction to $899K. Much like 473 Union Street, which by the way was listed for this same $899K and just dropped another $40K recently - this is starting to look like a nice, small turn-key kinda play, just off the beaten path of a great neighborhood and still close enough to the train.

Pro's: proximity to trains and 5th Avenue South Slope amenities, nice interior, double-duplex might be the optimized lay-out, backyard, pricing

Con's: industrial block, Gowanus Expressway down the street, loss of neighborhood feel, not really in Park Slope proper, 35' depth doesn't offer the biggest floorplate

Ideally: this starts looking appealing. The owner's got tons of equity, there's gotta be room to make a move.


  1. Price dropped to $859K:


  2. price droped to $840K: