Sunday, November 21, 2010

Affordable and Small Just Off the Slope: 195 13th Street

Even the New York Times has our back this week as they note, "There is no comprehensive listing service for Brooklyn brownstones." Ain't that the truth? And nobody's trying to really do something about it more than we are. To that end, we bring you yet another undercover listing. Although it's just on the other side of 4th Avenue from south Park Slope and it's vinyl-siding, we wanted to focus on something south of a million.

195 13th Street is a tiny 2-Family semi-detached house with just 1,350 sqft and 3 bedrooms. This little house doesn't have too-too much to offer, but you get a nice paved little front yard, a backyard, a deck over the backyard. It looks like the owner's had this place for decades and has only pulled a little bit of equity out. The one picture of the interior shows a dated, but well-maintained space:

The play here is as a condo alternative. Can't expect much income to ever come out of this place, but it's nice to have your own space compared to what other kinds of spaces this kind of money gets you around the Slope.

Pro's: technically within striking distance of Park Slope and trains, condo alternative potential, backyard space

Con's: not much rental income potential, curb appeal with the vinyl siding, off the beaten path

Ideally: this place has to work for somebody, but pricing is tricky.

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