Thursday, November 18, 2010

How a Pricey 2-Family's Supposed to Look: 476 Degraw Street

At BK to the Fullest, we're dedicated to bringing you a diverse variety of hard-to-find listings. So we'd like to bring you more than just Corcoran listings. And we don't wanna pad their stats or anything, or toot their horn endlessly. We do have to give them credit, though. Even when they mail it in, they're still running laps around the competition. Once again today, we couldn't resist covering one of their places.

Look at this renovation & staging... so simple & sleek, they didn't even bother to center the rug...

And it still works.

A little paint job, a little crown molding, nice countertops and shiny things...

If you got it, flaunt it.

476 Degraw Street is a 2-Family brick building in the Gowanus-y end of Cobble Hill. Granted, this is way off the beaten path, kinda boxed in the by the projects. But this place makes a way better case for itself than most of these pricey 2-Family listings out there now.

Cheaper than 228 Cumberland, which is on a way better block, but no one's ever seen the inside of. Cheaper than 414 Dean, which needs all kinds of work. It's cheaper and probably a better proposition than 61A South Elliot Place.

On Google Maps, you'll find there was a cute tag on a cinderblock warehouse-y construction next door:

This may be too Gowanus-y for its own good and therefore kinda over-compensating on the interior, รก la 128 2nd Street.

This whole price range is too high for us for a 2-Family. But the money, 407 Sterling and 54 St. Felix are still the top two 2-Family's out there.

Pro's: interior, you can SEE the interior, perhaps there's someone for whom this place stacks up to pricey condos?

Con's: at the very edge of a good neighborhood, Gowanus-y, pricey, small, hike to the train and amenities

Ideally: at what price does this beat Sterling or St. Felix?


  1. According to Street Easy, this house went into contract yesterday:

    Don't underestimate the appeal of nice, shiny things.

  2. Closed for $1.625M on 2/11/11, above the asking price of $1.595M.